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Chris, Lifesjourney founder, speaks across the nation at conferences and seminars, and is interviewed for TV, national radio and podcast shows. Chris currently hosts a podcast show “On Finding Peace with Chris Shea”.

This page hosts selected clips of some of Chris’ speaking engagements and interviews. For a complete listing, click the tab “Chris’ Published Works & Interviews”. This page is a work in progress and will be frequently updated.

Ms. Amanda LePore
Ms. Amanda LePore

The “voice” of Lifesjourney & On Finding Peace is Ms. Amanda LePore. Check out her work by clicking her photo

The affairs of our world such as political unrest, the economy, terrorism, war, etc causes many of us to feel stressed and anxious. Is there anything we can do to make a difference? In this short podcast I over 7 strategies to reduce our stress and anxiety.

Is there a “perfect” family? In this episode myself and my guests use humor and our life experiences to define what we feel makes a perfect family. What are your thoughts?

How often do we (I) try to remake ourselves into someone whom we are not? We remake ourselves in the hopes of finding inner peace, yet in many cases it leads to deeper stress and anxiety. I and my co-host Lisa DeLay reveal tips and steps we can make to learn to be comfortable with who we are and find that peace which we seek.

“In this interview from November 2010, Chris speaks about addiction and some resources available in Baltimore, MD.”

In this brief podcast, Chris describes what we mean by the term “mindfulness” and how our past and future interact with our present.

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