Community Services



Is your community group, school, or church seeking a dynamic and enthusiastic speaker to guide you on the path to a life of inner-peace and success? As a recognized national speaker and trainer, Chris travels the country speaking on a range of topics. Since the beginning of his professional career as a counselor, Chris’ passion is working with individuals and community groups. Chris’ early career was in pastoral care and ministry, and so he understands the needs and challenges church communities face as they work toward defining their mission and goals as they relate to their congregations and the broader community in which they minister.

Here is a sample listing of topics about which Chris speaks. Contact our office to customize your theme/message suited to your needs:; or call: 301-850-2177

  • Living a peace-filled life
  • Spirituality and everyday living
  • Personal improvement
  • Stress reaction and reduction techniques
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Church congregation and ministerial topics


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