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Chris has spent 20 years as an executive and administrator of inpatient medical treatment facilities. While an administrator he not only maintained the organization for proper client care, but Chris also actively involved himself in national and state policy making and implementation.  In his tenure he led the growth and expansion of facilities, as well as the creation and running of the only inpatient substance abuse treatment facility in Baltimore county (at the time). Chris’ experience and training has uniquely provided him with the insights necessary to assist your company or agency in:

  • Staff wellness & integration with mission / goals of the corporation
  • Corporate retreats
  • Strategic planning
  • Facility growth
  • Maintaining corporate licensing and certifications
  • Navigating the policy and political arena

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Finding Peace at the Office

Think about the times and days that you experience the most stress. For many of us, that stress may often accelerate in the workplace. In fact, over 60 percent of people say that after money, stress is the biggest source of stress in their lives.

The causes of that stress may vary—too much work to do, tensions with co-workers, the lack of stability in the workplace. The symptoms of that stress may manifest in various ways—feelings of anxiousness, fatigue, depression, sadness.

There are strategies that you can take in order to change the focus and minimize, if not entirely relieve, the stress at work. Some of them may be invisible to your coworkers—yoga in your chair, for example. Meditation and music are also useful tools, as is minimizing caffeine and alcohol. For more ideas on taming stress at work, look at the tips in this graphic.