Chris’ Published Works & Interviews

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Chris’ Published Works

Shea, C. (2015). Living in the Moment: From Isolation to Spiritual ConnectednessThe Sober World. 4(9): 16.

Shea, C. (2013). The Spirituality of Connectedness: Response to the Stress Reactions in Substance Abuse Counselors. Advances in Addiction & Recovery. 1(2): 18-19; 21.

Shea, C. (2012, August). Unintended Consequences of the ACA – Workforce Development Issues in Addiction Treatment ServicesNational Healthcare Reform Magazine. Retrieved from

Shea, C. (2008). From the Neurobiologic Basis of Alcohol Dependency to Pharmacologic Treatment Strategies: Bridging the Knowledge GapSouthern Medical Journal, 101(2), 179-185.

Shea, C. (2007). Barriers to Medication Use:  Myths, Money, & ManagementAddiction Professional, 5(3), 34-38.

Contributor, Shea, C., Contributor, Kampman, K., & Contributor, Kaempf, G. (2007). Improving the Continuum of Care in Alcohol Dependence:  Latest Evidence for Counselors & Clinicians. Peer-reviewed training presentation published by/for CME Outfitters, LLC.

Shea, C. (2006). Alcohol Dependence Treatment:  an effective comprehensive psychosocial management Plan. Advances in Addiction Treatment, 1(1), 12-14.


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Chris’ Interviews

Straight Talk; interviewed by Mike Gimbel.  TV show produced by WBFF Fox 45 Baltimore, MD.  2002

Washingtonian; interviewed by Nancy Doyle Palmer. “You’ve Got to Stop” Published February 26, 2007

Addiction Professional; interviewed by Gary Enos, editor. “Nationally Regarded Center Establishes Five-day Booster Program” Published as an online exclusive July 14, 2009

“Say ‘Yes’ to Health Reform” video interview campaign of the “Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease”. Interviewed by Erica Hiar; posted online: September 2009

New York Times Magazine; interviewed by Lisa Belkin. Posted online on “Motherlode” November 16, 2009

The Takeaway; radio interview on WNYC for spot entitled “Families: Reducing Stress at Home for Thanksgiving”. Syndicated through BBC and PRI. November 16, 2009

On Time; interviewed by Kai Jackson. TV show produced by WJZ, Baltimore, MD. November 7, 2010

Spirit of Recovery.  Guest speaker on this radio program.  Tuesday October 14, 2014.  “The Spirituality of Connectedness”.

Spirit of Recovery.  Guest speaker on this radio program. Tuesday January 27, 2015.  “Entering the New Year with Intention”.

Faith Positive Radio. Chris was interviewed by the hosts Dr. Joey Faucette and Mike Van Vranken. The show is available by clicking here (or iTunes or Stitcher)

Spirit of Recovery. Guest speaker on this radio program. Tuesday June 14, 2016. “Success-full or Stress-full? A Fresh Look at Success”.

Morning Wave in Busan FM 90.5.  I was the special interview guest on this live Korean radio show. “Post Holiday Blues”.

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